Absolutely passionate to understand how things work, create and improve systems. My name is LB (pronounced ‘Albi’), I am a Christian, married to the amazing Bec and this site has a bit of info to help you get to know me.


What I love to do (even in my sleep) is help individuals and businesses implement systems and processes.

  • A process works best when it is not the goal unto itself.
  • Culture trumps process every time, not the other way around.
  • Software can solve a problem but often a spreadsheet can achieve a process goal without adding new problems first.
  • Technology serves us best when it enhances an existing system.

I would love to help you add structure where you need it in your business.


A selection of past employment, more on my Linkedin profile.

Senior Frontend Developer at Virgin Australlia

2018-Current React, Javascript.

Core Team member on Wagtail CMS

2017-Current Volunteer role - Python, Django.

Digital Marketing Consultant at Brisbane Christian College

2017 Communications, Marketing, Facebook, SEO and Digital Communication Strategy.

Technology Consultant at ifeelgood 24/7

2016—2017 IT Strategy, Systems, Processes and Knowledge Management.

Board Member at Youth Alive Queensland

2014—Current Finance, Accounts and Systems Advice.

Business Manager at Life Church Brisbane

2012—2016 Communications, Marketing, Accounts, Migration to Saasu.

Operations Manager at Youth Alive Queensland

2010—2012 Initiate Systems & Processes, Migration to Saasu.

Cloud Consulting as Double Ampersand

2010—2015 Google Apps, Custom Software, Python, Javascript, Design.

Manager at Blue Air

2007—2010 Internal Custom Database, Google Apps Migration.


A quick summary of some of the elegant solutions I have had the privilege of instigating and overseeing either as employee or contractor.

ifeelgood 24/7

Using the Wagtail CMS framework (built using Django), developed an internal knowledge management system to serve as a wiki and central information hub for the team at ifeelgood 24/7.

“I feel that you have helped and developed some awesome frameworks with which we can build. What I see that you have done is to help clarify structure, bring some foundational thinking and practices and systemic resources that will help us launch to the next stage” — Martin Upton (Managing Director)

Youth Alive Queensland

As a not for profit organisation we built our own in-house ticketing system, saving thousands in sales commissions and leveraging a mobile check-in system that volunteers could use.

LB has added significant value to our organisation throughout his time with us. His impact with us is profound — Cameron Bennett (Managing Director)


Built a custom Google App Engine system that provided a simple way for WRS to send files to their customer relationship management system XPLAN eliminated an entirely manual process from an existing system.

We would like to thank you for pioneering this system for us. It has become an invaluable tool for the business over the years. — Ross Caruso (Managing Director)


A multi-user and real-time incident management system for a community organisation offering a professional response to the crises, risks or needs of people.


Enable the existing staff (non-programmers) to make the most of a custom database solution using Zoho Creator, building core functionality and handing it off to their team for future.


A few thoughts on how I like to approach problem solving and systems, especially in a technology rich world.

Open Source

Open Source Software should be the basis of solutions wherever possible and it is better to contribute to something bigger then create silos. I am currently on the core development team for Wagtail - an Open Source CMS built with Python on the Django framework. I also put together a time formatting package for Meteor which has had over 4000 downloads.

Start From a System That Works

It can be tempting to build the whole solution or the perfect system from scratch, this always seems to fail in spectacular ways. I try to remind myself constantly of this and when implementing systems - start with what exists and work from there.

Building on Existing Platforms

Whether it is Google Apps for email, Trello for project management, or Modulus for Javascript hosted code, I endeavour to build solutions based on proven existing services and platforms.


Every project is managed by a dedicated Trello board, shared with clients, so you know what I am working on at all times. With a weekly flow of updates and invoices which means a faster communication loop between myself and clients.


Preferred tools & technologies where I have the most experience.

  • Collaboration: G-Suite (Google Apps), Trello, Toggl, Github
  • Server/Fullstack Frameworks: Django, Wagtail, Web2py, Flask, Meteor
  • Frontend Frameworks: React
  • CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Bulma, Semantic UI
  • Languages: Python, Javascript (Node.js and client side)
  • Code: Atom editor, Git, ESlint
  • Platforms: Google Cloud Platform, Modulus
  • Adobe: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Other: Saasu, Xero, Google Chrome, Mailchimp, Wordpress, PCO


I have a few developer focused tutorials on dev.to, plus some thoughts and ramblings on Posts by LB - my Medium Publication.


If you have a project in mind, looking for some advice on cloud services or keen to get in touch.